1. Videos may be recorded with a smartphone, camera with movie capability, camcorder

  2. "Walk"* must not exceed the time limit of 15 to 20 seconds per outfit. 

  3. The video can be up to 90 seconds in length. 

  4. Multiple angles may be used but should be edited together before submission. 

  5. Hold recording devices horizontally or vertically, don't switch or move around while filming.

*However you are able and comfortable showing off your look! Sit, roll, dance, wtf ever! You can film solo, with a pet, bae, fam, whoever! We do what we want :)


Film the entire video with the camera standing in the same spot — a place when you are closest to the camera, where your entire figure is captured when doing the turns/poses/etc. 

Position your phone far enough away so that the model can walk up, pause to pose and show fashion pieces, and then walk back to their starting position. 

Be sure the model’s body is in full frame and the item of clothing is in full view as well as centered in the frame for most of the video. 


You may include additional shots that zoom in on any details to be featured.

When you email your submission, you can include any of the following to be shared while you're featured in the show: 

Name | Pronouns | Age | City of residence | Social media handles | A statement about your gender expression or identity and/or what fashion means to you!

Lighting and Background:

  1. Background can include: greenscreen, whatever your creative mind comes up with.

  2. It may be filmed inside or outside as long as the background is appropriate (not in the bathroom, car with license plate in background, etc.) 

  3. If shot in low light environments, additional lighting is recommended. 

If outside: 

Choose a day to video with good lighting but not direct lighting. Direct lighting will create shadows on your face and garment. We want to be able to see your outfit in all of its glory! 

File Format and Transfers

  1. The easiest ways to share video files are to upload a .mov or .mp4 file onto a file-sharing site and send us the link and details

    1. File formats must be .mov or .mp4

    2. When you email your submission you will be automatically added to our subscriber list so you can receive a link to the recording of the live event. 

  2. You can also upload to youtube or google drive and send to link to

  3. Video resolution must be at least 720p, 1080p (1920 x 1080), 4K (3840 × 2160).


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