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“The terminology used by people belonging to a specified group or engaging in a specialized activity.”


“The ability to think about or plan the future with imagination or wisdom.”



Founded in Atlanta, this collective is both a local and digital community that comes together through interdisciplinary art, entertainment, education, and service projects. We envision a community united against the forces that make it difficult, and sometimes impossible, for people to practice revolutionary care and freedom through art. 

To achieve our goals, we have two primary objectives:

  1. Build a community of care– for ourselves, each other, and the environment.

  2. Make art more accessible– for people who want to be artists, those who want to return to art, and those who wish to explore other art forms.

Who is this for?

This collective is membership based and anyone is welcome to apply. Those belonging to marginalized and multi-marginalized groups are centered in everything we do. This focus is vital due to past and present socio-political-cultural contexts and phenomena that harm, devalue, appropriate, and limit queer, trans, black, indigenous, and people of color (especially disabled, fat, immigrant, and neurodivergent people). 

In order to create safe and inclusive spaces, we will employ varied terms of engagement, as necessary, to reflect and adapt to our social reality. Inter-coalition and solidarity building is how we choose to navigate our complex social world. We believe in doing the hard work– in the most joyous and sustainable ways possible!

What’s next and how to get involved?

We are still in the early phase and thus, we expect to make changes and revisions as we continue to learn and grow. We are not accepting applications for membership at this moment; however, we are starting to host events and share art to help build interest and gather resources. 

We have already poured countless hours and money into making this dream a reality; we are seeking support, especially financially, so that we may continue to make this vision a reality.




Dance Video

This video is the first released from the three part series: Reclamation. The series represents the lead artist's involuntary falling out of, and return to her greatest passion-- dance. Each video honors a herstoric black femme musician whose biography captures the plight caused by white supremacist, cisheterosexist culture.

Part two represents the solitary healing phase the artist underwent for a few years before returning to the stage. This video celebrates the dancer and song's artist, Sister Rosetta Tharpe, for their journeys back to the spotlight after being pushed out and forgotten. Returning to an old passion in a new world is vulnerable, brave, and beautiful. 

Part one of three coming second half of 2022! Check out behind the scenes on our Instagram @vernacularvisions




"Pleasure is a feeling of happy satisfaction and enjoyment. Activism consists of efforts to promote, impede, or direct social, political, economic, or environmental reform or stasis with the desire to make improvements in society. Pleasure activism is the work we do to reclaim our whole, happy, and satisfiable selves from the impacts, delusions, and limitations of oppression and/or supremacy. 
Pleasure activism asserts that we all need and deserve pleasure and that our social structures must reflect this. In this moment, we must prioritize the pleasure of those most impacted by oppression."

adrienne maree brown


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